Meet-and-greet Checklist

1. The name and phone number of your vet in case of an emergency.
2. The Name and phone number of your emergency contact.
3. What is your itinerary (both departure and arrival) and contact information at your destination?
4. What time will you drop off and pick up your pet? Be sure to ask about any cancellation or late pickup policy.
5. How many times a day would you like to receive pictures and videos of your pet?
6. Is your pet spayed or neutered?
7. Does your pet have a history of wandering/running away?
8. Does your pet have the tendency to dig the backyard fence and have attempted to escape in the past?
9. Does your pet have a history of aggression? Biting human/ other pets.
10. Does your pet have food aggression?
11. Is your pet good with other pets and kids?
12. What to do when your pet accidentally runs away? What is your normal recall word in case if they wander off?
13. Is your pet fully vaccinated? If so, please list your pet’s vaccination history. All vaccination needs to be up to date prior to booking.
14. Does your pet have any allergies?
15. Can the pet sitter feed their own treats to your pet?
16. Is your pet comfortable with kennels?
17. Does your pet have the tendency to chew household items? If so, prepare your business provider beforehand to reduce instances of accidental ingestion.
18. Does your pet have a history of illness? History of kennel cough or other pre-existing conditions?
19. Does your pet require oral or topical medications? List the medications, dosage, and instructions on how to and when to administer these medications.
20. Is your dog leash aggressive?
21. Do you have a body leash for your pet? A body leash is highly recommended as it reduces the chance of your pet escaping the leash while on walks.
22. What kind of items will you bring for your pet? Toys, bedding, food, leash, shampoo, brush, and a kennel.
23. How many walks and what is the duration of walks per day?
24. What is the normal day-to-day schedule for your pet? Feeding schedule and bathroom schedule.
25. Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety?
26. Is your pet potty trained and house trained?
27. What kind of trouble does your pet get into? Does your pet have a history of jumping on tables and eating food scraps? Does your pet have a history of digging up garbage? (This information allows your business provider to take extra precautions when caring for your pet)
28. Does your pet have hyperactive tendencies at home and on walks?