Getting Started

Where can I apply to be a Pet24care contractor provider?

You can apply to be a Pet24care contractor provider on the Pet24Care mobile apps: Android (available on Google Play) or iOS (available on App Store).

How do I sign up and apply to be a contractor provider?

1) When you open the Pet24care Android or iOS app, you will see the "Sign In" default page. Click on the "Don't have an account? Sign up" option.

2) Once you are on the "Sign Up" screen, toggle the tab to "Provider".

3) Register with your phone number and e-mail. A verification code will be sent to you via text/e-mail. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder. Once you receive the code, type it into the verification box. To resend the code, please click on "Resend Verification Code".

Next, choose a secure password. To protect your account, enter a strong password that meets our security criteria. Then, click on "Sign Up".

4) Choose your provider account type. If you are an independent contractor, select "Individual". If you own an existing business, please select "Business". Click on "Next".

5) On this screen, you'll be prompted to enter your name, business name, and date of birth. If you would like to use your name as the name of your business, you can do so by checking the "Use my name as provider name" box.

6) Select one or more service categories that your account caters to.

7) Enter your address. If you are an independent contractor, you may input your home address. To protect your privacy, information such as your phone number, e-mail, and address will not be made public.

8) Choose your business hours. Don’t worry, you will also have the option to edit your business hours even after the approval of your application.

9) If you select "Boarding" as one of the services you offer, you'll need to answer a few questions about your boarding facility. Currently, we require you to upload pictures and videos of the boarding facility.

10) On the next page, you will see a summary of your services, address, and business hours. If the information that’s displayed is correct, click on “Apply”. Else, click on the section you want to correct to edit what you previously entered.

11) After you click on "Apply", you will see a message on the lines of "Application Submitted". Click on "Next".

12) Select the animal species you will work with. You also have the option to exclude certain breeds within each species.

13) Now you will be asked to complete a short assessment based on the type of species you chose to care for in the previous step. After you complete the assessment, click on "Done".

14) Your application is now in review. Our local area manager will contact you to set up a Meet-and-greet over Skype, Teams, or Google Meet. Because Pet24Care is highly selective, we would like to get to know our independent contractor providers before we proceed to approve an application. If your application is approved, the area manager will obtain your consent to complete an enhanced background check. Based on the outcome of the meet-and-greet and the background screening process, upon approval, you'll be asked to set up your rates and payment information.

15) You can still edit your profile following the submission of your application by navigating to the setup wizard. While waiting for our area managers to contact you for an interview, we recommend that you upload pictures, videos, and a description of your business.

How is my application assessed?

Pet24Care is highly selective about the quality of the providers we onboard. When you sign up, your application will be assessed based on the following criteria:

A) Your response to our awareness assessment.

B) Your meet-and-greet with our area manager.

C) The outcome of the background check.

How do I access my account settings?

Click on the circle icon (your profile picture) on the top-left corner of your screen. If your account is approved, you can also access it by clicking on "More" at the bottom-right corner of the app.

I am a provider, but I want to use Pet24Care services. Do I need to create a new pet parent account?

No, you do not need to create another account. You can have both the provider/pet parent account under the same e-mail address or phone number. To apply for a pet parent account, click on your profile picture on the top-left corner and select "Pet Parent Account." Follow the steps.


Am I employed by Pet24care as a service provider?

No, when you sign up, you've acknowledged that you are an independent contractor that utilizes the platform to showcase your service to prospective clients.

Pet24Care does not, in any way, employ providers, nor is Pet24Care responsible for the individual conduct of the care provider.

Pet24Care provides the digital tools to connect pet owners (the users of the service) to high-quality providers (the sellers of service). Pet owners (account users) are solely responsible for selecting a suitable care provider for their pets.

The provider and the service user are responsible for complying with all applicable laws in connection with any employment relationship they establish.

Pet24Care does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or engage in any activity that requires a professional license.

Does Pet24Care carry out background checks or screening of service providers?

Yes, background checks are mandatory for an account to be published as a provider on any Pet24Care platform. Pet24Care conducts enhanced background checks for all members associated with a provider account via a reputable background screening company.

The enhanced background check is free for our providers; this is our investment to ensure our pets and pet parents are protected.


How much does a Provider account cost?

Signing up for a provider account is completely free.

Does Pet24Care charge a commission?

Yes, Pet24Care has one of the lowest commission models in the online pet service industry. To maintain the platform, Pet24Care takes a 12% commission from each service transaction. However, your preferred payment gateway will also charge an additional 2-4%. For example, PayPal charges a 4% transaction fee with each payment you receive through PayPal.

Does Pet24care provide insurance?

At this time, we do not provide insurance. However, Pet24Care will provide assistance on a case-by-case scenario. As a company, we take all necessary measures to ensure our providers are of the highest quality.


Is Pet24Care GDPR compliant?

Yes. The Pet24Care website and iOS/Android app are GDPR compliant. We take pride in how serious we are about safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that only you and your authorized network have access to your information.

How secure are the Pet24Care apps and the website?

Our platform leverages contemporary encryption methods and technologies to ensure your data is secured away from unintended users and hackers (both humans and machines). All data is guaranteed to be secure when in motion (refers to when the data is being transferred between authorized users and Pet24Care servers via the internet), in use (refers to when data is being accessed and changed by authorized users), or at rest (refers to when the data is stored).

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on dedicated Pet24Care servers hosted on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure that has passed stringent guidelines of data security.