Why you should join Pet24Care?

Pet Profile

Create a profile for your pet. Choose to share relevant information about your pet upon booking an appointment with a provider.

Virtual Veterinarian

Beat the long wait time by visiting our veterinarians via video consultations. Need your pet's prescriptions filled? Talk to our virtual vet!

Activity Tracker

Track your pet's vitals, activities, and activity level on the app. Pet24care will alert you when something is off: when your pet deviates from their normal behavior.


Share pictures and videos. Make your pet the next internet sensation!

Find Caregivers

Search your ideal care provider from our list of highly vetted individuals. Last-minute bookings? No problem, our online sitters will take care of you.

Online Appointments

Once you are convinced that someone understands your situation well and is priced reasonably, book an appointment for their service. Reschedule and cancel with ease.

Online Payments

Pay online with your debit and credit card.


View your appointments with service providers as well as your personal events and tasks. Cancel and reschedule bookings on the app with ease. The cancellation policy varies by provider.

Health Records

Store your pet's health records on the app and easily share them with your veterinarian.

Knowledge Forum

Join a vibrant community of pet lovers. Share your expertise and experience.