Background Checked
Growing up and into adulthood my family always had pets, pets of all kinds. We had dogs as pets most of my life. Along the way we had rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, a turtle (mine), mice, birds & cats. An old english sheepdog had puppies once and a bishon shitzu had puppies twice. 2 of our cats had kittens. I have a lot of experience caring for animals. I love animals. I have experience walking dogs and also caring for and grooming both dogs cats.

Currently I live on my own in an apartment with my 3 cats. Frisky is a 7 year old male. Bambi is a 6 year old male. And Dax is a 2 year old male. Their photos are in my profile. I love being a cat mom. I pride myself on taking the best care of them. They are fed with a timed and twice a day feeding system. They drink from a water fountain that is filled with filtered water. Their cat boxes are scooped and cleaned regularely. They have many interactive toys and have eachother to play with :)

I have experience with one pet family. Last summer I made home visits to walk the 2 dogs, feed them and clean up after them. There was also one cat in the home. I made visits to her as well. I had to just keep her company. I enjoyed caring for these 3 pets very much. I was recently hired to walk 1 dog. Their photos are in my profile.
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