Kaylee Sparhawk

I love cats and dogs, I have three cats of my own and soon going to adopt a husky pup. I'm 19 and live in Seattle. I would love to meet your fur babies, and I am happy to provide my services to you and your pets. I've been around animals my whole life and have experience with, blind and medicated dogs, and dogs with different kinds of skin disease.

Keep in mind I prefer to provide my services at my own home. Free meet and greet is required online/in person prior to appointment day. Online meet and greet will be through Zoom, we will talk about specific details about your pet(s) and get to know more about each other. In person meet and greet will be the same thing but will include a tour of my home where I will be providing my services for you and your pet(s), and grooming station where I offer a simple wash and brush service. Only one of these meetings is required.

Supplies provided: extra dog leashes and harnesses, dog and cat beds (I do allow pets on my bed and couch unless otherwise specifically told they are not allowed by the owner), treats for both cats and dogs, pill pocket treats for medicated cats and dogs, toys for both cats and dogs, poo bags for walks, and shampoo for both cats and dogs. While these supplies are provided, you are welcome to bring your own but it's not required.

Because I own cats already, here are a couple things for cats that your cats will be happy with: a floor to ceiling window with a 5ft 11in cat scratcher with 3 top cat bed perches in front of the window, a half wall between the bedroom and living room that my cats love to perch on, and soon to be getting wall furniture for my cats so they can climb around and perch on the walls. My cats also have there own bathroom with a litter box, big mat to catch litter and a little cat scratcher.

Services offered: dog walking, dog and cat sitting, dog and cat boarding, and dog and cat simple wash and brush. A simple wash and brush is $15 per pet.

I hope you will consider using my services as I would be more then happy to provide, if you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email me!

Kaylee Sparhawk

Boarding facility
  • boarding_children_yes There are children at this place.
  • boarding_place_home_yes This place is a apartment.
  • boarding_fenced_no This place doesn't have a fenced yard.
  • boarding_pet_bed_yes Pets are allowed on bed.
  • boarding_pet_furniture_yes Pet are allowed on furniture.
  • boarding_smoking_no This place is non-smoking.
  • boarding_pets_yes There are cats, dogs, caged pets, and other animals.