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Hello, and welcome to my Pet24Care profile! My name is Roni, and I am the main owner/operator of Murphy’s Paw. Allow me to introduce myself:

I’ve grown up in a cat friendly home for the majority of my life, but was always too busy to commit to being a dog owner. My cats have always been my family, and it hurt my heart that I could not own a dog. I would always house/pet sit for friends and family, but that was not enough. So I decided to work with a dog instead. I spent 4.5 years working with a security company that employs and utilizes K9’s. My K9 partner and I spent 12+ hours a day working side by side, day in and day out. We focused on her obedience (and attended regular training sessions), but also found plenty of time to play and cuddle. After leaving that company, I realized there was a hole in my heart that only dogs could fill. So I took my love of animals, along with everything I had learned while training and working with my K9, and I poured it in to an actual job taking care of other peoples animals.

My current home life includes four cats and one dog. Yes, you read that right, FOUR CATS! I prefer to take dogs that are familiar with cats, but so long as they show no major prey drive, I’m happy to introduce dogs to cats in my home.

My fiancé, Justin, and I (along with our army of animals) currently live in a three-story duplex with a front attached garage, and a rear deck catio. We live less than one minutes drive from the nearest vet. We also live within a five minute drive of an extremely large dog park on the south side of Fort Saskatchewan.

Next, what can I offer you:
I offer daycare and boarding services to dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds, and abilities. It would be best if your fur baby is good with other animals, but they can be separated if necessary. Please ensure that you provide all foods and medications, as well as instructions (amounts, times, etc). Since I will treat your pets like family, they will be allowed on my furniture, so please specify if this is something that you don’t want due to training purposes.

What you can expect will be catered to your specific dog. Let me know how often they need bathroom breaks, and whether they have a way of telling you they need to go. Let me know how far they tend to walk in a day. I can easily accommodate 5-30km per day. Maybe your dog likes to go to the dog park. Just let me know if they have any troubles socializing.

Daycare services start at $20 for two hours, and boarding services start at $40/night. Additional cost for puppies, extra animals, and holidays.

I offer house-sitting services. Again, please provide any and all instructions, restrictions, and expectations for your pets. House sitting services start at $50/night. Additional costs for puppies/kittens, extra animals, and holidays.

I also offer home visits and walking services for all fur babies. Does your dog roam freely while on leash? Or are you training them to heal at all times? Just let me know how you would like them to be handled.
*I also offer collar and leash training. Most clients notice a difference within the first 5 sessions!!

Walks and home visits start at $15 for 15 minutes. Additional cost for training, extra time, extra animals, puppies/kittens, and holidays.

Justin helps out with most of my clients pets, so please don’t be surprised if you see him.

Shoot me a message. I can’t wait to meet your little angel(s).

FB: Murphy’s Paw (@murphyspawpetservices)
IG: murphys.paw.pets
Boarding facility
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